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Call Interceptor

Call Interceptor monitors all incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone* and sends a notification message to a hidden preset number.

There are no logs kept, and the target phone works as a normal phone. Call Interceptor is completely unvisible on the target phone, and can not be traced.

Call Interceptor is installed once on the target device, and can be controlled remotely by using our free online application.

* This is the phone where the Call Interceptor application is installed.

How does it work?

01Install the software on the target phone

02Configure the software by using our free Spy-Safety Controlpanel

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How do I use the Call Interceptor software?

After the configuration is complete, you will automatically start getting notifications of all call activity on the target phone without any visual indications and log creation.

After receiving the notification message, you can call up the target phone, and participate in a Conference call. You are able to listen in to both sides of the conversation. It is recommended that you mute the microphone of your handset, so that your voice cannot be heard.

All notification messages from the target phone will be sent to a predefined phone number that can be configured in the Spy-Safety Controlpanel.

Our Spyphone application is integrated into Call Interceptor, so you can call up the target phone and listen to surrounding conversations at any time.


Call Interceptor Properties

  •  Instantly sends notification messages on all incoming and outgoing calls
  •  Dial into active conversations on the target phone
  •  Silently switches on the microphone of the target device
  •  No flashing lights, log creation of any physical changes of any kind
  •  Software does not require internet connection
  •  Information is not shared with any third party
  •  Free online application included!
  •  Installs within 30 seconds
  •  Software is not visible on the target phone